Thursday, April 25, 2013

More awesome women

This time about health and body image stuffs.

First, Kendal talks about gaining weight, losing weight, being healthy and getting strong and removing all the taboos that have been placed on food and loving herself no matter what size.
"This weight loss story is different.  I don’t hate the pounds that I shed.  I don’t think I have “let myself go”.  This isn’t a punishment.  It’s a revelation.  Time to get moving." ~read more

Then, Haley Morris-Cafiero writes about photo-documenting how strangers react to her in public places, the dismissive way people interact with those around them who are overweight.
"I suspect that if I confronted these narrow-minded people, my words would have no effect. So, rather than using the attackers’ actions to beat myself up, I just prove them wrong. The camera gave me my voice." ~ read more
Finally, Sandra Wickham's most Health Ally post: Guilt (What is it good for?) Absolutely Nothing. Can't even tell you how much I needed to read that this morning.
"Don’t let one missed workout or eating something you know you shouldn’t have sabotage the rest of your efforts! Here’s what happens. You feel the guilt, you feel terrible about yourself. You feel like you failed. You get down on yourself and sometimes give up, permanently....OR we try and overcompensate. “I ate that food I wasn’t supposed to, I’m going to eat nothing but vegetables tomorrow.” That never works out and isn’t good for you. “I missed a workout, I’m going to do two workouts tomorrow!” If you actually do both workouts in one day, you end up over trained, extremely tired or injured and that interferes with continuing to your goals." ~read more
Just had to put these all in one place here mostly for my own benefit. I've been dangerously underweight and I've been significantly overweight. I'm currently training for a second marathon. I rock climb every week. I eat healthy.  I like good food. And I struggle, a lot, with body image, and wonder if that will ever go away. Just one of those things.


mfranti said...

I find myself more critical of other women's bodies since I've lost weight.

WTF is that all about? As if the constant head games I play with myself about my body image aren't enough to deal with, now I'm looking at other women with the same eye.

Why am I admitting this in a public space where I can get my ass chewed out?

Because I hate that I'm doing it.

Why do we still have body image issues?

G said...

no ass chewing here. We all have the head games we are trying to win.