Friday, January 21, 2011

writing and drawing

21 of 365, originally uploaded by galendara.

an experiment...

At the beginning of this year I changed how I used this book. I stopped doing individual little drawings tucked into available space and began instead to turn these pages into work-in-progress art pieces.

And when that happened, I found I stopped writing on them.

But the fact remains that I very much depend upon these pages to be a place where I can write it all out too.

So I'm going to try writing the things I need to write on the pieces of the tracing paper I keep a stashed in the little pouch at the back of the book, [[i love you moleskin]] and then folding and gluing them into the pages here.

To become part of the larger piece of the whole page while remaining accessible for when my need to go back and obsess crops up.

We'll see.
Next month, I may totally change it up again.

Monday, January 10, 2011


A national moment of silence this morning.

I was in my car driving, but was able to pull over onto a side street, park the car and just breath for a moment. In solidarity with thousands of others across the nation.

I was driving because I was coming from breakfast with my mother. She and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. One of the things we talked about during breakfast was whether or not to talk about certain differences of opinion. I happen to value the ability to be silent on certain subjects during family gatherings.

On Sunday I went and sat in silence with the local Friends meeting. It was a very healing thing to do.

I haven't wanted to open social media the past few days. An desire to avoid... I'm not sure what I want to avoid... but I am avoiding, that's for sure. (Ironically, I have made brief updates myself; so I haven't been silent; I have just wanted to avoid seeing/hearing/reading.)

Anyhow, just a few things I wanted to write down this morning.
(Part of breaking my own silence.)