Saturday, April 6, 2013

women praying in Gen Conf.

So. this is kind of crazy. A woman praying in General Conference.

I mean, it's been due for a long time. Seriously, like forever. And was specifically the topic of a petition earlier this year (tho church leadership merely titters about prayer assignments were given way before that. Silly petition-signers.)

My sister-in-law texted me this morning, so excited when Elder Utchdorf announced the name of the individual giving the benediction. I just smiled and said "I know :)"  But it actually brought up all sorts of conflicting and intense feelings for me.

I've mostly removed myself from Mormon issues.  Ceased banging my heart against a monolithic organization, unhitched my hopes and dreams from the proclamations of a quorum of octogenarian men in suites. I have better things to focus on now than weeping in joy over baby-step crumb-throwing. (Yeah, that sounds bitter. I know.)

Just last week I received the double good news that some of my art would be featured in the upcoming Spectrum 20 annual. And also that I was nominated for a Hugo award in the fan art category. The collection of geek erotica that I helped put together is fresh off the presses. And I am two thirds of the way through a training program for my second marathon. In other words... there's just other stuff I think about more right now.

I am honestly happy about the steps any group takes towards equality. I am happy that there are Mormon women out there with a bit more hope (or relief, or validation) in their hearts now because of that 1:57 min prayer.  I'm glad to still be in a position to be somewhat aware of these events when they happen.

This used to be such a huge thing for me.  I hope that it's some sort of progress (or something) that I just no longer feel any personal attachment to these events.


postmormongirl said...

Sounds a lot like my reaction - a little bit of happy, a lot of 'meh'. Congrats on the artwork, that sounds awesome.

G said...

thank you! PostMormonGirl <3