Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Sucks

[yah, this is another rant. Pay it no mind]

From a thread about Interfaith Marriage (specifically, LDS to non-LDS), a commentor comes on to say such things as :

"If you choose both a non-member spouse and the believing LDS path for your family you should know that sooner or later your child will feel spiritual pain that you cannot comprehend... they will be weighed down with the knowledge that [some blessings] will never be fully theirs and they will be forced to contemplate an eternity without their non-member parent by their side."

"[extreme pain] from conflicts between our own situations and fundamental gospel principles of eternal families sealed together in the temple... a deep pain that our eternal destiny as defined by the church we loved and believed in was limited by the non-member status of one of our parents."

That is so messed up.
It another really good reason why I think the church is anti-family.

Sry, cant say more about it, got homework to do. Just had to get that off my chest.


Molly said...

How awful. "Shame on you for finding someone wonderful who respects but doesn't share your religious beliefs and wants to be happy with you for the rest of your lives. No success in life can compensate for failure in the home, and you are failing your unborn children by marrying a heathen. You're better off alone."

I agree that the LDS church is anti-family. They are anti any family that is not 100% LDS, and heterosexual. If they were really pro-family they wouldn't make non-member parents stand outside the temple on their LDS child's wedding day.

adamf said...


Alisa said...

I have a friend who was so sad everytime she had to sing "Families Can Be Together Forever," because her parents were in an interfaith marriage. Each time she sang those words, she was bearing testimony that her family would not be together when they died. She's now pretty bitter about it (toward the Church, not her parents).

I refuse to sing this song now, mostly because I find the "can" in the title to be manipulative and fear-inducing. Despite what I had been taught other religions believe, I have come to find that many religions teach that we will all be with our loved ones after death. I'd been thinking the LDS Church had a corner on the market for this belief, but not so, and some teach this better than others.

D'Arcy said...

Ugh. Big Ugh. Seriously.