Thursday, January 21, 2010

waiting to get the okay to change your mind..

[This is merely a rant.
I have to say it here, and not at the post where the discussion is going on, because I am really feeling the need to be sharp. And that blog is not a place for much sharpness.

So you say things are the way they are because God say's so. And that's that. You believe it with every fiber of your being and you have created all sorts of explanations to help you rationalize this belief (necessary, because the belief really does fly in the face of logic).

But, you also admit that it's possible God may speak again, and change the way things are. You do prepare yourself for this. You prepare to then believe, with every fiber of your being, the OPPOSITE of what you believe now. To discard all of your carefully constructed explanations (because they no longer apply at all).

So you sit. And wait. Wait for permission to change your mind. NOT asking questions! It is not your place to question, but to wait. To wait to be told. To be given permission to think something different.

[To be fair, that's not true, the persons I am ranting about are not sitting around. They are active, intelligent, participating individuals. The topic at hand is probably one they rarely think about at all. Easily compartmentalized in a safe location, requiring little effort on their part. While, for me, it is the topic that caused the initial tearing of my beliefs. Hence... A rant.]


Molly said...

We need a word to describe unconscious hypocrisy -- the kind that results from the sort of self-delusion and compartmentalizing you describe.

GrittyPretty said...

i don't know what conversation you're referring to but i see this childish behavior all the time. and this is my own rant...starting now: i see grown adults looking for permission for everything they do. they look for quotes from "prophets" (and through the ages all the quotes contradict each other) to find guidance when they should simply look inside themselves. They're ADULTS and the privilege of being an adult is making decisions for yourself not obeying someone else's decision for you. if they're still doing that then they're still a CHILD.

i never rant so i am not good at it but maybe i got my point across.

sorry for lurking and never commenting (until now).

EmilyCC said...

Amen, G! :)

Hazel Motes said...

All the time I fear I am still a child. But only because I feel I am hiding what is inside of me. Hiding it until I find a way to express it or validate it. Whichever comes first.

Chandelle said...

I dig you, G.

Stella said...

Yep, Yep, Yep. I had a friend, someone still helping me work my way out of the "Matrix" as we call it. He has to keep telling me that I allowed myself to be in CHILD mode for a really really long time.

I'm no longer waiting for that...I feel sick to my stomach that so many smart, good, talented women are just "putting things on the shelf"

I just can't anymore.

And that's my rant. Thanks!

adamf said...

I don't know if this applies, but one thing that kind of liberated me was when I decided that if I didn't have to believe everything that was said in the past, I don't have to believe everything that is said now. I'd rather steer my own ship.

And what is with these word verification: "brapsyco" :)