Monday, March 31, 2008

making music

this is what my day sounded like today...

Little buddy and his two friends. By the time they were done, my cupboards were emptied of almost every pot and tupperware container.

fortunately, they had almost as much fun putting it all back, as they had getting it all out.


Lessie said...

They're actually not half bad.

D'Arcy said...

That is an awesome picture and reminds me of the tupperware bands my siblings and I used to create. My mom was always so open with us about this stuff as long as we put it back. Thus, our house wasn't always the cleanest house on the block, and my mom defintely didn't buy anything breakable (even though we found was to break the unbreakable) but her kids, I warrant, were the most creative.

Now as we are older we all are very creative in art, photography, music, and baking (my sister, bless her soul, is the most amazing food inventor ever!)

So well done, you'll benefit from all the noise later when you're relishing in their art.

G said...

thanks lessie and d'arcy.

it is actually one of my favorite things, to see my little buddy 'create' stuff, whether it is a musical instrument or a meal (he loves to 'cook' with leaves and rocks and miscellaneous things around the house).

I would love to have him be an artist or a cook or a musician etc... when he grows up.