Friday, March 7, 2008


here is what my right ear looked like this morning.

and here is what my right ear looks like now!

and just because... here is what my left ear looks like. It hasn't changed today.

no, this wasn't a whim... I have been thinking of getting another piercing for a while now... at first I was thinking of getting one on the tragus, but ultimately settled on the helix. just a tiny flash of silver under my hair, winking away at anyone looking closely.
My beloved lover held my hand during the piercing. He is an audiologist... and loves my ears.

blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. - Matt 13:16


Lessie said...

Very pretty G. I think it was sweet of your hubby to hold your hand. I'm such a chicken, I would probably need similar moral support (but I'm not trying to insinuate that you are a chicken).

Anyway, when I was a kid, I used to think it was crazy how people's piercings didn't always match on each side. Now, looking at yours, I can see how the aesthetic of asymmetry adds interest to the look. Very nice.

G said...

ya, each time i turn my head it is a hole (hehe) new view.

I need to think a while about if and where another piercing will go... I am actually not 100% satisfied with the two to two ratio (two down, one up one down) but I need to really work out the asthetics and balance of the next one.

Nana said...

That's hot!:) I love it!

(chandelle) said...

it looks awesome! so beautiful. i know everyone asks this but...did it hurt? my nose hurt a surprising amount. i'm thinking of having my ears redone; they were done with a gun, NOT a needle, when i was 16 and over the years it became progressively more difficult to have earrings in until i gave up altogether...but lately i've been wanting to have earrings again. but remembering how much my nose hurt i have to admit to being a bit hesitant. :)

G said...

thanks chandelle
did it hurt? well... I thought it was going to hurt A LOT more than it did, I was really bracing for some serious pain, but it wasn't that bad. I am sure, however, if you go in thinking it won't be that bad it will hurt like all hell.
a sharp pinch when he put the needle through, and some more pinching when the ring was pulled through. just a second or two of pinching. and now I don't feel it at all unless it gets bumped, then it is a little tender.

I am already thinking of where the next one will be.

when did you get your nose done? and just how much did it hurt... cuz I have thought about doing that.

(chandelle) said...

i got my nose done in january. and it hurt a LOT. i mean, it was probably for less than a minute but i was really surprised by it. maybe it's like you said and because i wasn't expecting it to hurt much, it hurt much more than it might have if i had expected it to be very bad. later i thought that i should have realized it would hurt so much because there's no soft tissue there; it's all cartilage. :) it's funny because first it hurt SO bad and then there was a huge rush...those endorphins kicking in...and i thought, i can see how people get addicted to this. :) sometimes i think about getting another piercing but i don't know where. i don't think i'd do another facial piercing; none of them appeal to me other than the nose. and body piercings - nah. so i think i'll get my ears done again, and maybe i'll do more to my ears if it works out having them redone with a needle. i've even considered gauging, though it seems so permanent and i'm quite sure i won't want great big posts in my ears in the long run. supposedly it shrinks sometimes and sometimes not. and that's long-term pain, not just one minute. so i think i'll try just getting them repierced and then we'll see.

G said...

I've seen a few interesting things done with gauging and tribal type jewelry... but still pretty scared of that type of modification. mostly the idea of such a large hole.

has your nose piercing given you any problems? is it competely healed? love the tiny little gleam it adds in those pics of your haircut.

(chandelle) said...

well, it's somewhat difficult to clean; i started to develop what might have been a small keloid, or maybe a cyst, so i went nuts with salt washes and it cleared up. also, i got sick about a week after i had it done and that was a bitch, let me tell ya! :) otherwise, no problems. i really love it and i'm so glad i did it.

G said...

see, I have his big fear that I'll get a piercing in my nose and it will get infected and turn black and they will have to cut my nose off.

silly, isn't it.

I wonder if that ever really happens.

I'll have to look into it... because I am considering a stud in my nose.

(chandelle) said...

yeah, i was really nervous because i had such severe problems with my ears (one of them swelled up so badly i lost the earring in it) and i ASSUME it was because of a crappy piercing job, because it definitely wasn't for lack of cleaning, but for a long time i thought that maybe my body just rejected it. i thought about such a thing happening to my nose, something so obvious, you know, right in the middle of my face, and it definitely made me uncomfortable. :) but after i learned a lot about the problems with gun piercings i didn't worry about it TOO much. it definitely needs to be cleaned a lot, and not touched much. i think it's because i touch it so much that the little keloid or cyst or whatever keeps coming back. but i just can't resist. :) so it does require quite a lot of a commitment, in terms of healing and cleaning, but i still love it.

G said...

wow, your ear ate your earring? did you ever get it back? (I'm only sort of joking... what DOES happen when a earring is absorbed by the body?)

I had a similar problem when I got the second piercing in my ear lobes. you'll notice that I only have one hole in my right ear lobe... well I got it pierced with a second hole at the same time as the one on my left ear (with a piercing gun, done at one of those Claire's boutiques in the mall) but it never healed and was continually sore and swollen (and oozing puss... just in case you wanted to know) I tried and tried to clean it, air it out, whatever. The left side healed up just fine, but even months after the right piercing was just going no where so I finally just took the earring out and it almost instantly closed up, and now there is barely even a scar (not even much scar tissue) where the hole use to be.

so ya... no more piercing guns for me.

but my experience with the needle has made me much more confident in the piercing process.

(chandelle) said...

when the swelling went down i was able to take the earring out. it basically healed normally after that, but i could never wear earrings comfortable. i sterilized like mad, never left them in overnight, always convinced that something i was doing wrong was causing my ears to hurt and swell every time i had earrings in for more than a few hours, but eventually i just gave up, and a while ago (while researching nose piercings) i found out that these are common problems with gun piercings. so no more of that for me, either. i had mine done at afterthoughts, also at the mall, when i was 16. now i know that any time somebody is performing essentially a surgical procedure on your body, you should go to a professional!

G said...


just what kind of training do those sales clerks get besides; 'don't make them lopsided... here is how you pull the trigger' ?

anyhoo... so you don't have ANY ear piercings right now? clean slate, huh?

wish I could come up to utah... we could go in together; I'd get my nose done and you could get your ears done.

mfranti told me she just put a stud back in her nose after going 'unadorned' for some time. I want to get her input on nose piercings as well.

(maybe she would come with us on that fantasy visit to the piercing parlor and get another one too?)

(chandelle) said...

yes yes yes! you really should come. we have plenty of room to put you up...hell, bring the whole family.

melanie looks awesome with her nose stud. i hope she keeps it.

i do still have holes in my ears. the right ear, i can wear an earring in it relatively comfortably (though i'm not adventurous enough to only wear one!), and it never really closed up. the left side has always been more troublesome and if i want to put a ring in there i really have to push. but i think i could still essentially get them repierced.

G said...

in that beautiful home you guys are now in... that would be AWESOME!!! (have I mentioned how much I envy your place?)
could we bring the dog too? (hehe, just kidding!)

I have really got to get up to Utah again... I have all these friends up there who I have NEVER MET!!!

it'll happen. yep. someday.

(chandelle) said...

yes, you can bring the dog! as long as s/he's friendly with other dogs, definitely. we'll have the fence put up in a month or two and then all three dogs can have lots of fun in the backyard. i'm telling you, seriously - let's do it. lessie should come, too. we have more than enough room to put everyone up. which is so-o-o-o-o embarrassing. :( but i do love this house. we're going to put a fire bowl in the backyard, and a table with chairs, and then you guys can come, and melanie can come over, and we can have ourselves a party!!! let's do it!!!

G said...

oh chandelle... this is so tempting...

I actually have my dear lover looking at plane tickets online to check the prices...