Thursday, April 14, 2011

time to change

We've been in this house about 5 yrs.

Two years ago this month, I wrote this post about our house. I felt I had finally reached a peace with the place.

(A big difference from three years ago when I wrote this post, gnashing my teeth in angst at the house.)


We are going to be moving soon. It was time. It needed to happen.

Yesterday we signed papers for the new place.


I do not handle change well, so I am preparing for some rough moments as we transition. But I am also very excited for this transition; it is a *very* good move for us.


We are going to be moving from a 1200 sq ft 3 bedroom 2bath home (with a garage) to a 900 sq ft 2bdrm 1bath home. ZohmiGawds, we are going to have to downscale... all the STUFF we have!

I am *so* excited to unburden ourselves from all the STUFF.


.....But....But.... my STUDIO.....!!? Yes, I will be losing my studio.

(I wrote this 4 yrs ago when I was NOT making art, then this 3 yrs ago as I was trying to work through the artist block, then this 2 yrs ago as I finally started making myself be an artist again.)

So, I shall be boxing up a good portion of what is now my studio. It won't really effect me very much right now: the majority of my art making right now is digital: I just need a scanner and my laptop. And the majority of the *STUFF* in my studio is horded rusty stuff that I won't be using anytime soon. (Ahh, but I do love rusty stuff)

(Okay, I admit: I will miss my safe place. But this move is worth it.)


(But a DISHWASHER?! Can we live without a dishwasher? Um, yeah. Duh. :P)


So, yes. Moving. To a charming tiny old home that is in walking/biking distance to the majority of everything we do.


Change is good.


adam said...

Sounds like a great move if it's closer to all the stuff you do!

mfranti said...

You already know my thoughts on this.
I'm glad you've had a change of heart.


EmilyCC said...

I LOVE the tiny old houses in your town. Good luck with the move!

Lauren said...

This will be awesome!!! Congratulations! I know it's an adjustment but you'll probably feel the burden slip right off your shoulders as soon as you walk into your new place.

Brooke said...

Happy for you. Sounds lovely. Maybe I'll get to see it someday?

G said...

Brooke!! I so hope you can some time, You would be SOOO welcome! :D