Tuesday, March 23, 2010

women who are not married by 30, and are lawyers.

At one of those big Young Women meetings we had when I was a 14 yr old Mia Maid, there was a speaker who talked about finding herself 30 and unmarried. She also talked about her career as a lawyer.
It was a great talk (obviously still memorable years and years later).
Maybe it was made memorable by the conversation with my father after the meeting.

The conversation probably had a lot more words than this, but these are the ones I remember:

me: [something about the women woman speaker who was unmarried into her 30's]

dad: "What?! 30 and NOT married?? What was WRONG with her?"

me: [something about the woman's decision to pursue Law]

dad: "A LAWYER?! Oh, well that explains why she's not married!"


Stella said...

Can I PLEASE spend some one on one time with your dad in a room? Just even a few minutes would suffice.

G said...

I would love to see that.

on a more serious note, I probably should bury these posts on the off chance that he will find them (my fam is oblivious to the world of blogging so the chances of that happening are slim... but still)

we invited him over for dinner the other evening and he said stuff that brought up all the other stuff, the years and years of other stuff... so it's all pinging around in my head right now. (and I'm still a bit mad at him over it all. Dinner the other night, as well as the rest.)

angryyoungwoman said...

The other day I had some people in to look at my apartment (a father and daughter, the daughter was interested in becoming my roommate and was only 19). When she heard I was turning 30 in June, she exclaimed, "I'm surprised you're not married. You're very pretty." It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. Some of us just aren't the marrying type.