Saturday, March 20, 2010

bad women...

Part 2 of today's Creative Group Experiment. (Here's part 1.)

Bad Women.

I took a trip when I was first married (pregnant, in fact, with my son).
I stayed in a youth hostel.
(To save money. Also, because I had always wanted to.)
I found myself fascinated with my roommates, mostly young women (some American, some not) just out of school and taking time to travel the world a bit. We talked till late into the night. Well, they talked, and I mostly listened, enthralled by their courage, their experience, their independence, etc...

After returning home, I was talking about my trip with family and mentioned the world-traveling women I had met. The Patriarch of the family got a look on his face (still have a hard time explaining that look~ sort of like deer-in-the-headlights, but not quite). Then He made his pronouncement:
"Those women do NOT want to be mothers!"

[bad... unnatural... evil...]

And then the topic was closed.


Stella said...

I've stayed in MANY MANY hostels. I've traveled the world from Mongolia to Rio to Quebec to Indonesia and on and on and on....

and I don't have kids.

Maybe he was right :)

G said...

[¡¡¡you perversion of nature, you!!!]

god, do I ever love you Stella

adamf said...

Would he say the same thing about men? I.e. do world-traveling men NOT want to be fathers? Wha? I traveled, and I wanted to be a father. Where's the rub?

G said...

adamF- yah. But he is a traditionalist to the core and what's okay for men is not what's okay for women
(to his way of thinking, women lawyers are also unnatural. I got a great story about that one I may tell sometime.)