Friday, October 30, 2009

more inky thoughts

Yes, still on my mind, but not on my skin... just wanted to share some cool tattoo links
Birds flying out of their birdcages here here and here
Birds flying across backs/arms here here here and here (that last one is an interesting Banksy knock off).
Plus, think he's faster now, for having wings on his heals?
If you hadn't noticed, I have a thing for birds, so I was delighted to find these flickr pools; tattoos with wings and my tattoo can fly.
Now since I also have a thing for swords (and am thinking that having a sharp blade hidden somewhere on my person might be a good idea) her's caught my attention.
Oh, and since I love a lady tattoo artist, I heart her and her.
And lastly, just for the heck of it, a few horror podcasts that tell tails of disturbing ink, Orifice and The Valknut.


Chandelle said...

I love the birds on the woman with the Vegan tattoo. But that one with the lady with the gun was Beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring, tragic. The wings on his heels were also very cool.

Since I'm going to have your artwork on me, have you thought about having your own artwork on you?

G said...

it's kind of funny... I have this hesitation about doing my own sketch for my tattoo. I'm not sure why.
Will need to do some more drawing out of the ideas first and think about what the hesitation is coming from.

(and so SO very excited to be getting my artwork on you! wow. :)

Lessie said...

I'm not sure which image Chandelle is thinking of, but I've thought it would be neat to have your image of Eve battling the apple on my body some day. It's on my list of things to do when I'm grown up and middle class ;-)

Reese Dixon said...

I've been getting a tattoo craving big time. But I can't find anything perfect enough.

I want a symbol of what I feel I have to offer the world - a mind and a heart and a voice - that isn't just stupid.

Get to work on that one for me, would you? ;)

G said...

hehehe, sure Reese; coming right up! :P