Thursday, November 12, 2009

a Mormon feminst image

(posted at Feminist Mormon Housewives)
painting AFP (in progress)
A room of my own. Because Virginia was right.
My space, where I have room (sufficient for my needs) to work, to make, to make a mess, to make art. My entire married life I have maintained this space in our various living/family situations; sometimes it has just been a corner of a room, or half a closet and part of the table, etc. In our current local, I occupy the entire thing. I have frequently felt guilt about it, conflicted about my taking up so much space (a lovely way to top off recurring feelings of artistic failure). And for a good couple of years after my son was born, it became a rather neglected room. But not lately. With my son's growing independence and starting school, I am back in my room. No time for guilt now, only have time to work, to get into it with my materials. Making a mess, Making art. Using this room of my own.

BTW, I just found this trailer for a documentary about women artists who are mothers, to me it's searing, I almost cry every time I watch it. Powerful. "Who Does She Think She Is?"

(I think that woman, in the middle of the documentary, is Mormon. Makes my heart so happy.)


C. L. Hanson said...

That is a great image, and I'm really impressed with your art!

I keep trying to think of an image I can contribute to the "Mormon feminist image" collection, but none of my images are "Mormon" enough. Unless they'd let me submit some of the cartoons from my novel...

G said...

Thanks CL! :)

I wasn't sure just how Mormon this was either, but it slide by :)
(now... something from your novel would be EXCEPTIONAL!!!)

Brooke said...

Hi G! I am very interested in that documentary. Have you seen it? I just looked up the Mormon artist in the trailer. It looks like something of hers is in the permanent collection at UofA in Tucson.

G said...

brooke!! thank you!! she was the artist I was most fascinated by in the preview (no, haven't had the chance to see the whole thing yet).

I had not had the time to try to look her up yet.

have you seen the full documentary? netflix doesn't have it available yet... I may just have to buy myself a copy :)