Tuesday, May 6, 2008


(the title of this post being my attempt at evil laughter)

my little darling boy... after I got done with him in photoshop! Next stop, I import him to Flash and animate the image; get the eyes blinking and rolling around, maybe a tongue licking his lips... we'll see!
(see here for the unaltered pic of my beautiful boy)


angryyoungwoman said...

Ooohh, that's kind of scary in like a harry potterish sort of way. Hey! guess what! I got a really nice new camera today so I can actually take some pretty pictures! Hoooray for pizza!

Ziff said...

G, this picture is great! One of my boys' favorite things to do is help me distort pictures of themselves or each other. We're far less expert than you clearly are. But we're good enough to make them laugh uncontrollably sometimes.

G said...

[aaahhhhh! taking a break from photoshop- I am now going in and doing a "closed eye" layer for each of the eyes, so hopefully I can get them all blinking... but it has me seeing DOUBLE!! hehe]

awy- Woohoo! congrats on the camera... can't wait so see the new stuff

ziff- yep, this is quite an addictive pass time. I finally decided to show little buddy what I had done with his pic (I was not sure if it might just freak him out) and he got such a kick out of it... kept coming over to watch as I did more and more stuff to it.
good times!

Lessie said...

LOL G! This is great. If you get it blinking, you've got to post it. I can see my four year old getting a kick out this.