Thursday, April 17, 2008

cleaning the neglected room

Whew... it took having family come to visit, but I did it. Cleaned out the neglected room. So that there would be room for an inflatable mattress and clean flat surfaces to put luggage etc on. It actually shouldn't have taken nearly as long as it did, but in the clean process I began going through old art work, then began sorting it, throwing away the stuff that was absolute junk. On top of that I decided to photo-document all the stuff I was keeping that hadn't been recorded yet. So yes... I was supposed to be cleaning out the room, getting it ready to be a guest room, and instead spent almost a whole day making an even bigger mess. But it was good. Good to purge and clean and sort and revisit things I had forgotten. It was something that I had been needing to be do anyways and the room did eventually get cleaned (just in the nick of time!)
I haven't been in here to make any art work in several months now, currently I do most of my creative stuff with a camera or on the computer and that is okay for right now. I read somewhere an artist talking about her working process and she said something like "honor the down time". Well, this past year hasn't really felt like 'down time', it has felt very very busy with things other than being a studio artist. Housekeeping, childcare, reading books, blogging, learning digital designing software, etc... But I think it has been beneficial. I am feeling more artistically inspired lately and that is a good feeling.

just for kicks, a slide show of some of the paintings I have done over the past several years (one or two are 5+ years old, but most are within the past 3 years) that I just got around to taking pictures of. (Thanks to visiting family)

(WARNING- there is nudity scattered around in these paintings, as well as a few internal organs and perhaps a few little wounds. Viewer discretion advised. )

These can also be viewed on my flickr page along with more of my work.


angryyoungwoman said...

I love your work. I love the one with the three women that are kind of Venus of Willendorf-y (you know which one I mean?). Guess what!! My mom (she's an artist) agreed to take a pottery class with me this summer. It starts in a week and I'm so excited I can't think!

Bored in Vernal said...

G, I hope I don't come across as some kind of creepy stalker. But I am so fascinated by the details of your life and your journey. I'm glad you blogged about the SP and the letter you wrote to him. I'm so glad you were able to get it out instead of bottling things up inside, and I hope his response is healing.

But I really wanted to rave about your art! I love the three women also, and the uplifted hands, and the 2 women in white dresses, and especially the Earth Mother with arms outstretched surrounded by birds. I love the symbolism in all of your work. And I really, really am still interested in having you do me a piece--no pressure, the day will come when you suddenly get the urge to do it! 2 months, 10 years, I can wait. You are right, you need to be present in the down time, I believe there is a lot simmering deep down!

You are sooooo cool.

galen abel and max said...

ayw- yep, I know which one you mean. (and the v of w was my model for it. and a lot of my other stuff at the time too. really into the fertility goddess thing for a while.)
have fun taking classes with your mom!

thanks biv! (you creepy stalker you... NOT)
btw, I loved that poem you sent me and really plan on trying to put it to artwork. hopefully before 10yrs have passed!

bones said...

Hey G: Love, love your artwork. Thank you for sharing it. My personal favorites are the heart ones. Maybe it is my training in nursing, I don't know, but I love those! Thanks again for sharing!