Saturday, January 19, 2008

our family blog

This is just a little aside, we have a family blog now. See, none of my family knows about this blog, I say things here that they don't know about and there would be conflict if they did... but I was feeling guilty whenever I posted a little family anecdote and/or pictures of us because I would think 'if only I could share that with my folks.' So I finally got around to setting up a blog (completely unassociated with this one's username) just for family stuff. and emailed it to all those loved ones in my life who love me and my family but don't know about my deep dark secrets. There will be less family anecdotes here on this blog... but if you are itching to know more about our family and our psycho dog you can go to the bell smith blog.


(chandelle) said...

that's pretty much exactly why i did it - i felt bad posting the random occasional thing i would have liked to share with family. i'll wander over there now and check it out.

Nana said...

hey, NONE of your family? I guess I'm just chopped liver! :) I am glad my split from "their" idea of the straight and narrow happened while I was young...they took it personally. I had to get married to someone (outside of the church) and have kids of my own before they backed off a bit...maybe someday they will be able to make you feel like you have a right to be want you want, be OK with you believing what you believe, and have the grace to let their issues go to support the happiness and peace you want in your life. Until then, I feel privileged to be in on the secret, love you!

G said...

nope, not chopped liver... you are more like button mushrooms sautéed in butter.
or whatever.

actually I am blushing right now, cuz you are right... I should have written 'most of my family' instead of 'none'

good thing you are such a good sport! heheh.
love ya sis.

Nana said...

you had me at button mushrooms! Love you