Thursday, January 10, 2008

holy wars

We went to the park today, Little Buddy, Little Friend, and I. (They absolutely adore each other, claim they are going to get married when they grow up). A jet passed overhead, leaving a long white line in the sky. Little Friend looked up and exclaimed "Look! Ice crystals!" (which is, I guess, what her mother had told her they were.) To which Little Buddy responded "NO! It's a Jet plane!" (I guess I have a less poetic imagination than Little Friend's mom.) They almost immediately began to exchange blows, each yelling respectively "Ice Crystals!" "Jet Plane!" "Ice Crystals!" "Jet Plane!" Each intent on convincing the other of the error of their ways.

Well, I just found out that they were both right. the visible contrails that jet planes put off are caused by ice crystals.

Aren't humans funny.


mr. pink's mom said...

she's sorta right.

the hot gases (and water) from the exhaust leave the plane and are then cooled by the atmosphere causing condensation.

it's possible since air temps are pretty low, often below freezing, they could freeze. thus giving ice crystals?

note to all you really smart people out there: if I am mistaken be gentle, it's been a long time since i researched this.

mr. pink's mom said...

...and he's right too.

perspective and context and...

we can learn a lot from that exchange.

G said...

wow... ya know, her mom was really good at science in college (and going into nursing now),

maybe she wasn't being poetic at all, but factual...

that would make the moral of this story even better (though I usually hate stories of the moralistic type) since I really did see this little interchange as symbolic of our world-at-large conflicts.


mr. pink's mom said...

and now you see? both people are right,it's all about knowledge and perspective.

i wrote up something because of this little exchange.

thanks again

Nana said...

They are so cute together, Ish (my husband)and I have arguments like that allot! Maybe they are going to get married!