Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008, cleaning house

This was me, today. The first day of 2008. Happy New Years! I celebrated (in part) by cleaning house. particularly, the kitchen with a special emphasis on the stove. so much dried up, boiled over, and over-cooked food. so much sticky, cruddy stuff. felt so good to soak it in lemony water and wipe it away into oblivion. I never got around to writing out specific New Years resolutions, I haven't been able to organize my thoughts yet in this way. Maybe sometime this week, or next month... But in general... cleaning house sounds like a good one. Not my actual house (though that should probably be on of my goals, I suck at housekeeping), but my life. Clean it out, air out the dark little places that gather junk and never see the light of day, scrap off all the accumulated residue that is no longer of any value and is hindering good health. Yeah, that sounds about right. So maybe I'll write more later about some of the specific things I will do to execute said housecleaning... for now I'll leave it at that. Happy housecleaning!

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