Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new color for the new place.

The move is in full swing right now.

Over at my art blog, I am documenting the transitioning over of my studio space.

But that has taken a back seat the past few days to doing a bit of painting. I just barely finished putting the last layer of new color over at the new place. We now have a wonderfully colorful house to move into. In all of our previous moves, we have *talked* about painting: gotten as far as picking out color swatches, even getting little sample bottles to paint a patch on a wall here or there (which patches would just stay there indefinitely). Two years ago we got as far as painting one wall red (which I have loved immensely). But we never got any further than that.

Over the past several days we have been rolling on a variety of colors (reds, yellows, greens, blues, and a muted lavender too) though the front room, the kitchen, the hallway and both bedrooms. (the bathroom came with an acceptable color already in position.) It's a really small house, but was still a fairly brutal undertaking. I am tired, sore, filthy, and crusted with paint in spite of multiple showers and baths.

Can I tell you how happy these new colors are making me?

Yesterday, offspring looked critically at the newly painting hallway (Soothing Green Tea) and said "Our new house is so cool".

Can I tell you how happy that statement made me? (Concern over how this move would be for him has been a scratchy itch at the back of my mind.)

Meanwhile, I do still have one wall left to paint: In offspring's room, one wall is going to be a window looking out into the cosmos: Planets, galaxies, solar systems, etc.

If it turns out, I'll post photos.


June 18th update: Finally made that galaxy in offspring's room :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

recovery drink

recovery drink
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Want to know what I have been using as my after-marathon recovery drink? Beer. Lots of it. A whole variety, but mostly leaning towards the rich and dark kinds (pictured here is a pint of Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout) though I did not hesitate to grab my complimentary MGD at the finish line. Mostly because I would never actually pay money to drink MGD.

Maybe it's in response to the pre-marathon regimen I was on: I had almost eliminated alcohol (as well as most sugary refined foods) from my diet. So maybe this is just me 'catching up', binge style.

But I have heard that beer is actually a better 'recovery' drink than water after vigorous exercise. So... yes. Drinking beer. As part of a carefully calculated recovery program. :P

(btw... I have signed up to do another marathon, at the end of this year. MORE BEER!!! :D)

Monday, June 6, 2011

26.2 miles. (in tweets)

{I need to make some sort of record about this race and since so much of it was tweeted in 140 characters or less over the past few days, I decided to let a few of those brief entries tell the story. It wasn't as easy to chronicle the outpouring of support that was also extended on Facebook and via text messages, but I'm just as grateful for those too. Feeling very blessed with supportive friends and family right now. Also, not gonna lie, I still feel like hamburger from the waist down. But very very happy. Thanks every one <3.}


June 4th, Saturday (day before the race.)

10:45 AM
Beach! (letting the legs relax just a bit, because tomorrow they're gonna hate me) #SDmarathon #RandRSD

3:19 PM Oops.... RT @chickennuggs: Also I don't recommend getting a sunburn the day before a marathon. #thisshitisgonnahurttomorrow

4:00 PM
good luck to you both tomorrow!

5:63 PM Okay, nerves starting to kick in... stressing over what to order for my *last* meal. #SDmarathon #RandRSD h/t @chickennuggs

7:00 PM via
You will ROCK it!!! Go, Galen, go! :D

8:25 PM
It's the big one tomorrow... crashing early. Nite nite all!

June 5th, Sunday (Day of the race)

3:47 AM
Blink blink.... let's do this.

4:46 AM
Waiting in traffic to get to the shuttle to get to the start line. #SDmarathon #RandRSD h/t @chickennuggs

5:05 AM via: good luck! We're moving slow, hopefully the rest of the am is at a faster pace.

5:21 AM via @scourger: @galendara Good luck! Have a great run.

6:30 AM via
@lessiebrown: @galendara Best of luck out there today! <3

7:41 AM via
@quickmissive: @galendara Thinking of you today - run like the wind lady!

8:03 AM via @thealkemist: @galendara Run like Hermes my friend and let the air that rushes by rejuvenate you and spur you on!

8:52 AM via @
xJane: @galendara Good luck & have fun!!

9:15 AM via @
johnremy: Found street parking a mile or 2 from @galendara's race course. bike unloaded. no clue where she is, but hoping to cheer her on by mile 18.

9:57 AM via @
johnremy: still no sign of @galendara, but for your viewing pleasure, 2 members of the England Underpants Running Brigade:

10:20 AM via @
johnremy: Found @galendara between miles 19 and 20 and going strong!

10:27 AM via @erikaholt: Guys, @galendara is currently on mile 20 of a marathon!! How awesome is that? #gogogo h/t @johnremy

10:36 AM via @johnremy: Folks, I am cheering @galendara & @chickenuggs through the arduous last 5 miles of their marathon--I will pass on any tweet cheers to them.

10:38 AM via @
cherylxxxooo: Go, @galendara, BiV sending energy for your last 5 miles!

10:41 AM via @
MagneticCrow: @johnremy @galendara @chickenuggs Pass mine on! They can do it, there is a sense of accomplishment & the admiration of their peers waiting!

10:47 AM via @
inkgorilla: @galendara @chickenuggs GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Wooooooooooooo!!!

10:47 AM via @
winnie3k: @johnremy @galendara Go, go, go! What an amazing lady! So PROUD! *hug*

10:49 AM via @
upwithgravity: @johnremy Tell @galendara & @chickenuggs that they rock and their finish is going to be sweet!

10:57 AM via @
xJane: @johnremy @galendara @chickenuggs Wooo! Go Galen!!!

11:12 AM via @
benjaminlind: @johnremy Please pass along my congrats to @galendara when she catches her breath.

11:12 AM via @
HLPitts: Go, @galendara, go! Sending thoughts of strength & endurance (& sending my admiration too)! Have a great marathon finish! @johnremy

12:06 PM via @
traciewelser: @johnremy is @galendara there yet? ::anticipation::

12:33 PM via @
johnremy: CONGRATS to @galendara and @chickenuggs!!!!

12:36 PM via @
johnremy: Here's @galendara enjoying her post-finish beverage: & family victory shot:

12:39 PM via @
erikaholt: Way to go @galendara!! #youROCKsohard

1:08 PM via @geardrops: Mad props to @galendara!! <3 #SDmarathon

1:15 PM via @
JulietteWade: @geardrops @galendara Woohoo!

1:51 PM via @
chickennuggs: @ToNiCcHiLi Here this is right after. I look like hell by the way ;-)

1:53 PM via @davisac1: @galendara Holy crap, you did it! Congratulations!!!

1:53 PM via @
inkhaven: @galendara Congratulations! Well done. :D

2:27 PM via @lessiebrown: @galendara in honor of your marathon, i'm going to sit my ass on the couch and read a book about running :P

3:02 PM via @
johnremy: Everyone who sent encouragement to @galendara & @chickennuggs, I was able to run alongside at mile 25 & shout them all. #annoyingorhelpful?

3:22 PM via @annette_dupree: @galendara I want to give you a rubdown.

3:49 PM via @thejayfaulkner: @galendara congratulations and well done! :)

8:12 PM
Eating... eating.... eating.... haven't hit bottom yet #AMHUNGRY

11:00 PM I should be asleep, but am not. Out on the beach, listening to the surf, watching the lights of San Diego. #ambreathing.

June 6th Sunday (The day after the race)

8:00 AM
GoodmorningOUCH!!! #dayafteramarathon


the end :)