Sunday, November 21, 2010

strong legs

My body is not put together in the most graceful fashion (according to our cultural standards). I used to spend a lot of energy in wishing I had a different shape (usually something long-limbed, willowy, etc) and occasionally I engaged in unhealthy habits trying to force my body to be different than it was.

Yesterday, I biked 109 miles. And I felt strong doing it. I'm not very fast. But there is some hardwiring down deep in my muscles for going the distance: At 50 miles, and then again at 90 miles I felt a second & third wind kick in, and I thoroughly enjoyed reeling in biker after biker on that last brutal stretch to the finish. (Here's the fb photo album w/ a few pics I took during the ride.)

Some years back, while making out with a boyfriend, he exclaimed in a moment of awe "You've got these Thunder Thighs!" He was clueless to the more negative connotation of the term, was merely trying to express admiration for my powerful legs :P (So cute. I married that boyfriend :)

Now I have exactly three weeks to transition these legs from being able to bike 109 miles, to being able to run 13.1. Then six months after that, to run 26.2. (Pretty sure this will be harder than biking the 109. We'll see.)

Anyhow, Yesterday, after the bike ride, I was fascinated by the biker's tan-line across my thighs, and tried to capture it photographically (then, discovered, after a bath, a good deal of that line was made up of dust and grime, RE: second photo).

So here you go. a few gratuitous photos of my strong legs. :P


Stella said...


G said...

awesome back atcha ;)

Wendy Wagner; said...

I totally understand wasting time yearning for a more [fill in the blanks] body, and I'm so happy you've found a way to feel awesome about yourself.

All I know is that I've seen pictures of you, and I do not know how anyone can resist your cute butt. ;)

Good luck, and in the immortal words of William Nolan: RUN, RUNNER!

dcr said...

as a fellow cyclist, congratulations on your century! and your thighs are BEAUTIFUL.

G said...

Wendy~ Mwwuaah! big kiss :D

dcr~ Hello! and thank you <3

The Numismatist said...

Personally, I find legs to be the sexiest part of the human body. Soccer games and bike races leave me speechless.