Wednesday, November 24, 2010

holiday season ($#%* again)

oh... yep... Seriously, I had such great plans, THIS holiday season would be BETTER!! I'd have so much MORE CLARITY! Be MORE PREPARED! blah blah blah...

(Here's the blog post I wrote last year around xmas time... I never got around to reading or meditating on ANY of those great books)

It's starting a bit early this year... tiny little conflicts and burdens and me in my studio working on non-holiday-season projects while family and friends are putting together their lists of gifts and assembling recipes... (and shit!! My Son's Birthday is coming up!!! GAH!!!)

I just hate with a passion everything having to do with Black Friday, I am going to practice BUY NOTHING DAY instead... I DO need to figure out what gifts we will give to people.

Handmade gifts (from recycled materials no less) are so cool!!... But I think I'll burn out if I try to go that route. (And I'll probably miss a few deadlines too.)


Can I just donate to a charity for everyone and call it good?

My real problem is: I'm a creature of habit, of routine. And Holidays TOTALLY mess up my routine.

anyhow... CHEERS! {/Groan}


The Numismatist said...

Festivus! In the last few years it has saved my sanity! I celebrate in my own way, on the day of my choice and wear my wonderful Festivus shirt. The pole goes up in the front yard, gifts are given and nickels are handed to anyone who makes an appropriate comment! Just the thought of the approaching Festivus holiday brings a smile to my face.

My daughter Eris has done handmade Christmas for the last three years. Her three kids get so much crap from grandparents (no, not me) that they don't miss it. Last year my gift from them was a watercolor of our family done by the youngest. It has been displayed in the family room all year.

I refuse to go shopping on Black Friday. That is the day I relax with my oldest grandson who for the past 15 years has stayed overnight on Thanksgiving and helps puts up my decorations. This year will be bittersweet as he will be joining the Coast Guard after graduation next summer. Tears flow easily when I think about it.


G said...

bless you Numistmatist. Bless you. FESTIVUS it will be!!!! (um.. now to talk DH into it...) :P

The Numismatist said...

Glad I could help! Here are some blog posts from past celebrations and other links.