Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On Tuesday I had a great idea for a Post.
High off the endorphins of an intense workout, my mind began to string together all the various discomforts we willingly inflict on ourselves and for what purposes. I was going to deftly draw lines of profound similarity between exercise, dieting, body piercing/tattooing, pursuing higher education, cosmetic surgery, and the Mormon penchant for monthly ritual caloric deprivation, to name a few.

Then Wednesday I discovered I had strained a few choice muscles in that workout. And I accidentally got a bad sunburn (sunscreen fail!) And I stayed up late several nights in a row working against a deadline (can no longer do that like I once did). And my body was starting to hate me and I was not be so excited about writing a post about pain.

Then Thursday, while stretching my arms over my head, something horribly wrong wrenched/tweeked/pinched/popped in that little area between the right shoulder blade and spine... so I currently have the range of motion of a plank of wood, with lovely rivulets of dull (and sometimes not-so-dull) pain radiating out from that shoulder-blade area.

Anyhoo... today doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday. And maybe by tomorrow, or Sunday, I'll be able to actually turn my head (Ice packs, heat pads, ibuprofen...). Maybe then I'll try to revisit that original post idea about pain.

(or, maybe not)

btw... here's a sketch I did last year when dealing with a very similar pain.


Chandelle said...

I have something similar, a pinched nerve or something, in the same place on the left side. I can go weeks with no pain and then bend or twist or stretch wrong and it pops again. I'm taking Feldenkrais classes to address it (also sacral pain, which is pretty much constant). I hope you can find some relief! Turmeric really does wonderful things for inflammation, plus it's yummy.

We humans do have a penchant for purposeful pain. (Alliteration!) Why is that? I don't think other animals have anything similar.

jana said...

Me, too, same side, same pain. But mine has never gone pop. Ouch :(

I use Chandelle's magical ointment on mine, and try to bribe my housemates for massages.

Chandelle said...

Too bad I didn't write down the ingredients and quantities for that magical ointment while I was making it. Some herbalist.

G said...

chandelle~ not writing recipes... shame! heheh, actually, I'm not one to talk, I never do things by recipe. But Tumeric is always a fav, thanks for the tip!

@jana~ housemates bribed into massages: most definitely a must! :)