Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our House

A few random thoughts about the house we live in here in Tucson Az. In my mind these thoughts all seem important and related, we'll see if they actually are.

A few weeks ago I put a hole in the wall. With my foot. It was the accidental casualty of a momentary emotional outburst and it terrified me. I usually don't burst out emotionally. And I hate to leave marks. And the thing is, I have been feeling pretty good about our house lately.

When we first moved into our home about 3 years ago, new homeowners and all, I hated the place. It was my cage locking me into the life of a suburban housewife. I used to fantasize all the time about breaking all the windows and knocking holes in the walls. (Btw, I've ranted a bit about our house before.)

But I feel more at peace with our home now. Maybe it is just surrendering to the situation, maybe it is making the best of the situation, whatever it is... I no longer feel the same hostility to this house that I once did. Our back yard is heavenly; the Ash tree is an explosion of green that gives the nicest shade, hubby just put in a Chinese elm that promises all sorts of loveliness, at this very moment the star jasmine is in full bloom (intoxicating smell), a month ago the trumpet vines had an unreal flowery orange and pink and red party and the favors are still lingering. (Seriously. It's just beautiful. Ya'll are welcome to come visit anytime you like. But if you come in the spring, it's the bomb.) Plus we just painted a bit of red in the house that just makes my heart go pitter-pat.

I like our house.
Financially... well, we won't go into the finances of this. That's depressing. But for now, we can afford this home, and that counts for a lot.
And our family is happy here.
That counts for tons.

So, I'll patch up that little hole I put in the wall and maybe paint it too, add even more color to the home.

And anytime you want to come for a visit, feel free. :)