Tuesday, September 29, 2009

meet Eve

bite the apple
Okay, so BiV beat me too writing about this (and OF COURSE, she did it way better than I could), but anyways; I'm drawing a story about Eve. Yes, drawing, because really, I'm better at images than words... though we shall see if I can jump into the sequential nature of graphic novels with any success. Now I'm still working out the particulars, but the general run down goes something like this: After the fall, Eve returns to the garden to have it out with that angel who was placed as guardian. Whether she beheads him or just beats him to a bloody pulp I'm not real sure, but as with Virginia Wolf, she has to kill this angel to get on with what she needs to do. She also takes on the apple (see above, inspired by Brooke's delightful poem on eating the apple). Now I'm still not sure the exact outcome of all this, but Eve's bottom line here is to have a deadly serious conversation with God (who, of course, is also her husband Adam, because Brigham said so. Oh, and Adam is also Michael who helped create the earth. Yah, serious schizophrenic identity crisis here. Utterly fascinating.)

So here's the thing, several people have asked me why this isn't a story about Lilith (the usual suspect for uppity aggressive garden of eden variety femaleness).

It's because I was endowed in the temple and, as a woman, was a stand in for Eve. I was dressed in her name, said things in her name, did things in her name, I was her and she was me.

And she was this silent and passive thing, created to please Adam. (Absolutely LOVE Lynnette's take on the subject. Wow.)

So instead of despising her (a strong tendency, especially at the end of the temple movie when Adam is pontificating and her role is to hang insipidly on him like eye candy) I wanted to re-invent her. To give her a quest. Give her a sword (she takes that flaming one from the angel). Give her a mind of her own and the grit to do what she needs to do which is different than what the 'authorities' are telling her to do.

I guess feel I owe it to her. And to me.

So that's why it's about Eve and not Lilith.

Oh, and btw, I've written before about my artist's block and my neglected studio...
Well lately I'm back in the paint again! and it feels good. Just had to share :)
painting AFP (in progress)


Lessie said...

Your story is looking incredible, G. I can't wait to see the finished product :)

I should call you, chica. I've missed you.

EmilyCC said...

I'm so glad to hear (and see!) that your artist's block is over, and G, I can't WAIT to see this. Seriously, I'm on pins and needles!

angryyoungwoman said...

Love love love love love love love love love OH GOD OH GOD I LOVE IT!!!!! Please, my dearest, truest artist of a friend, when you are done, if I can somehow get prints of this set, I will pay whatever I need to. Your art is my new religion.

Bored in Vernal said...

Amen, amen, amen!!!
GO, Eve!!

k said...

Oh, this has got me on pins and needles as well. I can feel the energy you are creating!

a wanderer said...

i love the image of eve and the toothed apple. and the poem that helped inspire it. so very powerful. thank you for sharing.

flygirl said...

This is very cool. I always hated Eve in the temple movie too. I like your idea of reclaiming her.

Th. said...


Please write me. I've got a publication opp for you. I'm at thmazing[]gmail.com

Th. said...



Sheez, I'm an idiot. I just put it all together.

Anyway, write me. (Can Eve be reproduced in b&w?)

"Nana" said...

I am over the moon that the creative flow is flowing once again! Exploring is easier when you aren't hiding! Love you!