Saturday, October 4, 2008

preside, marital rape, and I love kiskilili...

If you're interested in the subject, or even merely bored and looking for something to do, check out Kiskilili's brilliant post about the importance of fathers and the useless-ness of the word "preside". Not only is the post itself amazing, you can then go on and read over 200 comments worth of precision sparring back and forth on the subject (and a few others as well). However, you won't be able to add your own input, the thread had to be closed shortly after the bible quoting, GA quoting Howard confirmed everyone's worst fears, that presiding could even include marital rape ("Please explain how they would multiply if Eve refused to have sex.")

Personally, I'm just sad that fMhLisa beat me to the proposal. I want to marry you too, kiskilili! Do you do the polygamy thing? Can I be ya'lls third wife? Pleeeeease?
(fMhLisa can preside, Kiskilili can nurture, or however they want to work that out... I will merely humbly and obediently submit to their obvious authority! WooHoo!!)


Lessie said...

Lol, G! But yeah, Kiskilili did an excellent job of that post. I love the bloggernacle :)

Jessica said...

It was an excellent post, I was checking the thread hourly. (hangs head in embarrassment).
I'm sad it 's over, but at least K got the last word.

(Oh, and congratulations/welcome! I'm excited you're joining us :)

adam said...

Well, since I can't comment there, here will most definitely do! The whole "preside" business has been one of my main gospel hobbies since I got married. In the temple, our sealer (whom I love, and did an amazing job) kept repeating that we were to be "co-equal" and never once mentioned presiding... so we both began marriage a little perplexed.

Currently, the general principles are what matters to me, i.e. sometimes I like to interchange "fathers" for "parents" or "mothers" in the Proclamation... the principles that are important to me are having structure, clear but flexible roles, and etc.

Granted, children usually have one primary attachment figure (in our case, my wife), but I'm a close #2! And I think many husbands can nurture pretty well.

G said...

you sure did jess! I loved your comments!

G said...

cool! thanks adam, glad to be the outlet for this comment! :)

G said...

(oh, and THANK YOU, jess.... I'm excited too! :)

D'Arcy said...

G--I have so many things to say to you! I tried to get your email, but wasn't able to have it come up.

First of all--THANK YOU. Thank you for getting my blog, for commenting, for saying the things that I would have said as well. Thank you for your thoughts, for who you are, for your awareness and your ability to see things in a different light than many.

I did read Kiskilili's post, but haven't kept up on the comments, I am going there now.

I was going to do a post on my blog about preside, I probably still will, but I'll be quoting kiskilili's words often.

I admire so much the person that you are!

G said...

oh thank you D'Arcy. hey, my email is galendara at gmail dot com
feel free to email me, I'D LOVE to talk!

(I tried to get yours too, but i have technical difficulties with the automatic email system thingy. blegh.)