Friday, August 22, 2008

"are you gay?"

I wasn't sure what to expect when I posted this at my family blog. That it would raise a few eyebrows, get tactfully ignored, and perhaps ruffle a few feathers and get a tart comment or two. The reason I posted it there, at the family blog (where I have avoided politics) is because I am the ONLY individual in the family circle who thinks homosexuals should have rights of any kind. (Can you see the reason I have avoided politics on the family blog?) But after reading Hera's well-written post about Mormon's who support the right of homosexuals to have marital rights, I though, 'Hey, it's time my family knew that there are active believing Mormons who think homosexuals should have the right to marry.' Because, really, I think they have no clue. They assume that all members would obviously support the fight against same sex marriage. Just like how they were stunned that there were actual 'good' members who weren't going to vote for Mitt Romney. Of course, my waivering belief puts me in the realm of 'not-good Mormon', one who would obviously be deceived by the lies of the devil. But I hoped that the exceptional Mormons for Marriage webpage would give a good showing of faithful members who think the church is wrong in this matter.
Anyways, I just had to post this because I just got an email from my mom. The only thing she wrote is "are you trying to tell us you are gay?" And I think she was serious.
I wrote back: "Yes. And DH is a woman in drag."
I wonder if she'll think that I am serious?


mfranti said...

i'm gay too.

Jessica said...

That is ridiculous.
Does your family live near or far?

G said...

near. we have big family dinners a couple times a month.
and typical dinnertime conversation is about the homosexual conspiracy to destroy the church.

Mike said...

I am an active member of the church and I think homosexuals should have the same right to marriage. They are living together anyways, plus they are humans too. I am not gay but support the homos

D'Arcy said...

My family too is like yours. They think I am CRAZY for agreeing that same-sex marriage should be supported. I've posted on this a few times on my blog, but then everyone thought that I was gay because I am a 30 year old single LDS girl in Utah. That's been loads of fun, especially at the high school I teach at.

No, I am not gay, but I won't let my students say derogatory things about gay people.

But I am also not black and I won't let people say derogatory things about black people.

Maybe I just try to be fair.

JohnR said...

ok, I think that your response to your mom has inspired my next flickr challenge. :P

Seriously, though, you go, G! I'm actually surprised at how many non-Sunstone-type Mormons are slowly opening up about their difficulty with the Church's involvement in this, so these sorts of posts make any of these people who might stumble across it feel less isolated and hopefully a little emboldened.

One more thought: I used to be quick to correct people when they suggested that I was gay or leaning towards gayness. Now my attitude is more like, "Well, what if I am? How does that change anything?"

G said...

johnR- yay! what are you thinking? Drag pics of ourselves? WaHoo!

lma said...

Isn't it interesting how so many people will assume that if one defends the rights of gays, or even indicates interest in or approval of anything done by someone who is gay or a group that is identified as friendly to gays, that you must be gay?

Been there, done that, took about a year-long break from an organization I was involved in because of that sort of attitude.

My approach has long been that if someone wants to assume that I'm gay (I'm not), then I'll just let them think that. Then, when I do or say something that indicates that I'm really not, it messes with their minds in most satisfactory ways.

G said...

Ima- yes, exactly! thank you! really, it's like they have no other frame of reference for comprehending why I would not support the fight.

"it messes with their minds in most satisfactory ways."

heh heh! yes. and I'm not even really trying!

Lessie said...

That is too crazy :). My mom knows that I support gay rights. She's always saying passive aggressive things like, "you're probably more liberal than I am, but I just don't think that (homosexuality) is right." I just role my eyes and let her gripe.

Ima, I love it!

Oh and G, you're response really was too clever! Alas, I'm never that quick on the draw.

chandelle said...

I'm a little bit gay. I guess that changes things if I want equal rights and commie pinko stuff like that.

Your family sounds a lot like my in-laws. I think they, too, are largely unaware that active, "faithful" members can be supportive of gay marriage.

Hooray for homos!

John, if you do a challenge for drag, I will definitely have to join in. Well, I guess technically it would be DRAB, for any wome involved. But seriously, I love the masculine-female look - women in suits, with slicked back hair? Yeah. I wish I could pull it off.

flygirl said...

I can't believe your excellent response. I think people sometimes think that of me in those situations, but they don't ask, just secretly wonder. It kind of cracks me up.

Natalie said...

I got quite a reaction when I posted my feelings on the matter too.

I just found your blog -- I love it, I'm subscribing!

Boquinha said...

I was shocked that you posted on your family blog about it, but I'm so glad I read this post (even if it's like 2 months after the fact), because it's like a HILARIOUS behind-the-scenes look at things. SO FUNNY. (A little sad, too, of course, but so funny).