Sunday, February 3, 2008

talks in primary

"Hi everyone! Jesus made planet earth for all of us. So we need to take care of planet earth. And be kind to everyone on it. Including animals. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
This was the content of my Little Buddy's first talk in primary. And here is the picture we drew together to show while he gave the talk.
when the primary president gave me the slip of paper announcing he was giving a talk, my first emotion was... panic? rebellion? can't really describe it... but I was definitely conflicted. The little slip of paper stated that the theme was on how God created the earth and Adam and Eve were our first parents. What can I give my child to say, that won't feel false to me, but that won't offend everyone in the primary? What words will I put in my child's mouth? So that is what I came up with, simple sentences focusing mostly on taking care of the earth and being kind to others. I felt okay about those words.

I am mostly okay with sending my son to primary, it is only two hours a week and, at this age, mostly focusing on singing. I feel that I will be able to 'deprogram' whatever harmful stuff his head is filled with, and he enjoys being with the other kids his age. But yes, I am conflicted... because I don't believe about 90% of the stuff he will be taught there, and my lover does. There will surely come a time where that becomes a point of conflict in how we teach our child. I don't want to mess up his head... but not sure that can be avoided with one parent believing in the church and the other not believing. This post at fMh haunted me as the kind of thing that could potentially happen, but that I want to avoid; parents pulling in two different directions, the kids caught in the middle, and the emotional blackmail of 'keeping the family together'.
So for now, I just go along, compromising with the words I put in my child's mouth, and worrying about how this all will affect my son's life.


Lessie said...

Hey, I know what you mean about talks in Primary and weeding out the stuff that you don't believe anymore. My mom was indoctrinating Theron the other day, and I didn't know what to say . . .

Are you worried about hubby becoming the woman who wrote that piece? She was awfully disrespectful. If your dh isn't that disrespectful, I doubt that he will be in the near future.

Boquinha said...

I've lurked for a while on your site--this is my first post.

I think it's a wonderful talk. And I can appreciate your sentiments, too. Ugh.

Boquinha said...

P.S. Thanks for sharing this.

G said...

lessie... ya, it is especially hard when well intentioned family try to 'help'.

as for my lover... I am very blessed, he is respectful and accepting and we have great communication about it. Neither him nor I share much in common with the husband and wife in the post... except the fact that one of us believes and the other doesn't.

I have a lot of hope that our family will not experience that strife.

boquinha... wow! I have a lurker! cool... thanks for making a comment.

EKD said...

I'm also a lurker.

As much as I don't have kids yet, this is a topic that is widely discussed between the husband and me.

I probably would have done the same thing as you.

Boquinha said...

EKD, that's funny, because I lurk on your blog, too! :P

becca said...

yes, i see the conflict here, of course. but personally, i think it's wonderful that you two have different beliefs. think of all the options max is going to see opening up.....i think you two make an ideal team.

p.s. i haven't read your blog for a while, so in case you can't tell--i'm catching up and posting now.