Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a day in my life...

Rather tired at the moment... a bunch of stuff inside my head that I would love to write about, but don't have the energy right now. Back almost a year ago I wrote this Day in the Life entry for fMh, it was interesting to revisit it. Some things have changed, some have not. My Little Buddy turned four in december, and naps have gone the way of the dinosaur (as has trying to get up early to write 'morning pages'. That didn't last long at all.) . I am a little less baffled by a day spent with a child (probably due to his being older and more self-sufficient) and the evening welding class proved to me that I am a shitty metal worker and needed to explore other avenues, which led to the epiphany that I needed to get some marketable skills in an art-related field. That led to my current curriculum that has my time now filled with figuring out how to successfully connect to the FTP remote info at my home computer so that I can continue to work on the practice website I started in class. And I'm working on my first Adobe Flash movie; it's just the first project, pretty simple; only called for two animated layers and a bitmap image... now, over eighteen hours and forty animated layers later, I am trying to convince myself to leave it alone already! It's fine the way it is! On top of that I am also exploring all the manual controls on my camera; shutter speed, aperture, white balance, exposure compensation, focus modes, etc... trying to get to where I can take a really good picture without having to spend hours in photoshop afterwards. And I am loving all of it! But that is just Tuesday and Thursday. Monday Wednesday and Friday I am returning baby-sitting favors to my friends (just last week, I ended up with 6 kids at once. SIX!!! My one, two from this friend, one from that one, and two from a woman I visit teach; one of which was a six-month-old. That was fun.)
The whole housekeeping thing is still way way way down on my list, my bathrooms are pretty scary, as is the kitchen sink... and when was the last time I dusted? (hmmm... pass.)
Sadly, the blogging thing has also been shoved down a few notches on my plate. Eventually sometime I would like to get to writing posts on the 'living' nature of the church, how my lover and I negotiate my change in faith, self-esteem and goddess worship, the struggle to decide if we should have another child, and polygamy (just to name a few of the things rattling around in my noggin).
(That fortune cookie at the top says "you will accomplish more later if you have a little fun this weekend." So there you go!)


Lessie said...

Hey G, it's great to see something up here again. I think your web design and flash movies sound fascinating. You should show us some of your stuff once you get done with it. I liked the fortune cookie picture. That was cool. Alas, I pretty well suck at the visual arts. That's why I hang out with people who are good at them.

G said...

I am hoping to post that first flash project... I just have to find out HOW first; I don't think it is as easy as posting a picture.
we'll see.