Monday, January 10, 2011


A national moment of silence this morning.

I was in my car driving, but was able to pull over onto a side street, park the car and just breath for a moment. In solidarity with thousands of others across the nation.

I was driving because I was coming from breakfast with my mother. She and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. One of the things we talked about during breakfast was whether or not to talk about certain differences of opinion. I happen to value the ability to be silent on certain subjects during family gatherings.

On Sunday I went and sat in silence with the local Friends meeting. It was a very healing thing to do.

I haven't wanted to open social media the past few days. An desire to avoid... I'm not sure what I want to avoid... but I am avoiding, that's for sure. (Ironically, I have made brief updates myself; so I haven't been silent; I have just wanted to avoid seeing/hearing/reading.)

Anyhow, just a few things I wanted to write down this morning.
(Part of breaking my own silence.)


Anonymous said...

I feel that. The need for silence.

Ginger said...

silence is golden. i think that is a quote somewhere but knowing when to be silent and when not to be is an art.

G said...

Ginger~ yes :) I wish I was wiser at knowing when to be silent... I usually find my own silences are more survival mechanism than tact >.<