Tuesday, July 14, 2009

to cover their nakedness....

Cabaret sensation Amanda Palmer last week took a bunch of pics of herself nekkid and put them out for folks to appropriate for artistic purposes.

Last week I went to the gym but forgot my workout t-shirt. I decided to not let it stop me and worked out in my sports bra and shorts. And felt so completely exposed.

I have several years worth of life drawing experience under my belt (yah, very punny,) including (but not limited to) a few years at BYU where the models wear bathing suits and students and teachers can get in trouble for going to undraped sessions off-camps (what a joke. Seriously)

Recently I have been considering applying to be a model for the local drawing studio.

In the privacy of my home, I walk around practically naked all the time. Always have.

When I first took off my garments I didn't really notice a difference until I went to a family dinner and fully clothed in modest clothing, felt so very very vulnerable.

I'm trying to find a way to draw this all together in a cohesive way, thoughts about my body image, nakedness (particularly female nakedness), LDS moral standards, the temple, garments, etc... But cohesion and witty examinations will have to wait for another day (how's that for optimism?) For now I will just leave you with my rendition of Amanda's nekkidness, which worked it's way out of my brush as a sort of a tribute (rebuttal?) to The Garden of Eden and the root of all ashamedness at being found naked.

amanda f. palmer


jana said...

did you send her a copy of this?? I think she'd like it very much!

[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

That's awesome; I love it.

Sean said...

This is beautiful, G. I always love it when you use your art to illustrate the ideas and experiences you're working through.

I knew BYU required on-campus models to be covered up, but it never occurred to me that they would try to control off-campus art as well. Not surprising, I suppose.

flygirl said...

Wow G, I love this painting and the ideas behind it. You are very talented.

G said...

thanks craig, jana and sean! :)
I only have round-about ways of passing info along to AFP. Hoping she'll get a look-see.

As per BYU, when I was there it was a sort of uneasy "don't ask don't tell" type of truce topped off with lots of talk and rumors about the expulsion of a student who had modeled for one of the off-campus undraped sessions and a teacher who was disciplined for suggesting that students seek off-campus drawing sessions. Maybe all just rumors? Don't know. Weird environment to be an artist in that's for sure and certain.

Ginger said...

this is a beautiful post galen.

nakedness is always a struggle, it is comfortable, it is original, it is you. but we cant show it to everyone.

my girls love to be naked and they love to dance and pose feeling they are truly beautiful in their naked pose.

what to do? what to do?

adamf said...

Given the pr0n issues that seem a lot worse in heavily religious cultures, I'm not sure if it's such a bad idea to cover up the models at the Y. In fact, maybe they shouldn't be drawing attractive people at all! :)

Bored in Vernal said...

I wish I could see this picture bigger so I could read the words written on the figure. Could you write out for us what it says?

Love the topic--it deserves further exploration

angryyoungwoman said...

This is beautiful. I love your art.

Recently when I stayed at my sister's, she asked that I wear "modest" clothing (though the most revealing I've worn around her is sleeveless) because it is very troubling for her little boys (all below the age of six) when they see women who aren't fully dressed. I compare this to the average little kid I've met, who doesn't much like wearing their own clothes and could care less how many clothes the people around them wear, and it seems a bit off. Mormon teachings about modesty are endlessly weird to me.

Needless to say, I'm glad I'm out of the whole system of thought.

Chandelle said...

That's it. I'm fully committed to appropriating AFP as my god.

And you, too, G! Your art is amazing to me.

G said...

thanks flygirl :)

ginger, yah.

Adam, hehe, have you seen/read persepolis? there's a scene where marjane is in drawing class and they are drawing from a model who is covered head to foot in a burqa. BYU should perhaps take a few notes?

BiV, in the original pics Amanda took she had marker writing all over her body in the form of twitter replies. Some of it was legible, most not so much so I just filled in the gaps with thoughts from my own head, but not particularly essential to the image/concept.
which I sort of regret now, the writing on her body is my favorite part, wish I had made a conscious effort to connect it more closely to the concept.
ah well.

AYW, I know! it's good to hear you say you are out of the system of thought... sadly, I find myself still with quite a few hooks and hang-ups in spite of my best efforts.

chandelle. yah! and thanks