Sunday, June 7, 2009

you sanctimonious perv!!!

I say a lot of stuff in my head that will never ever make it past my vocal chords. The most recent non-verbal conversation that keeps banging around in my head has to do with finding out that my underwear has been a topic of discussion for a particular LDS male acquaintance.

"Get your mind off my underwear!"
I'd love to say to this upright and utterly self-righteous prig.
"Do you think your sanctimony hides the fact that you are obsessing about what's under the clothes of another man's wife?!?"

Oh the things I dream about saying, but never will.
Unless he actually brought the topic up to my face. Maybe then.


"Nana" said...

I'll say it to him...:)

adamf said...

Sheesh. What's his phone #? Kidding. Mostly.

Ginger said...

seriously you should say something or bri and i can take him out

The Numismatist said...

The guy has some real audasticles!

G said...

thanks y'all, good to know I got people willing to do a hit for me. :)

G said...

Oh, and nana, I TOTALLY know you would! but hold off for just a bit, I think the mutual acquaintance who tipped me off might not yet be ready to be outed as a dissident in the ranks. :)

adamf said...

Perhaps there is another way to look at this.

TRYING to see it from the "male acquaintance"'s point of view, maybe he's a bit anxious or insecure about his beliefs, and needs everyone else to be towing the line as well. Really, often it seems that when we are trying to do something, we almost can't help but look down on those who aren't doing it. I do it all the time. NOT regarding underwear choices, mind you, but I do it.

G said...

adamf, I can see very much how that is the case in a lot of situations (I see it a lot in my own life.)

He takes the church VERY seriously and his previous language about family members who have left has been harsh and disparaging.

Perhaps this masks an insecurity on his part... but it feels to me more like a dislike of someone who left the team. Hatred for the traitor?

however, I am a lousy armchair psychologist.
Maybe I SHOULD give you his number... (heheh)

angryyoungwoman said...

Why is he being all obsessy about your panties? That's scary. I'd avoid this guy and lock the laundry room.

adamf said...

Hmm. "Perhaps this masks an insecurity on his part... but it feels to me more like a dislike of someone who left the team. Hatred for the traitor?"

Often those two are related (although obviously I don't really know). People feel isecurtiy, fear, hurt, loneliness, etc., and the cover it up with anger, hatred, aggression, etc.

G said...

I'll try to give him the benefit of the doubt and not tell him he's a sanctimonious perv to his face. :)

adam said...

Good idea, because you wouldn't want to make him angry! ;) Meanwhile, yes. Say it all you want here. Also, be aware that the more you say it, the stronger you will feel about it. :)

"Nana" said...

I'll try to hold out...maybe I'll pick a different fight with him and let him wonder why my frustration seems so much more then the necessary for the argument at hand...letting him sit confused.

Erstwild said...

Uh-oh. I hope your sources are correct & accurate, otherwise, saying something is going to be a real can of worms. I may be a little strange myself, but I don't discuss something like that.

There was one woman at work all bundled up one day from being cold. I noticed that she wears thong undies a lot, but I decided that I should not suggest that as being a reason for why she was cold.

I had some other ideas, but I'll hold off. Good luck.

-Mike H.