Monday, July 21, 2008

bad housekeeping...

sometimes my kitchen looks like this

and my living room looks like this

nd my son's room looks like this

All in one day.
These types of days make me really tired.


JohnR said...

This is a more vulnerable set of pictures than the one of your thigh. You have my empathy.

sarah k. said...

It looks like the dog has something hanging from its tail. That's my favorite part. Also, the fact that you unashamedly posted a photo of what my kitchen looks like ALL the time.

chandelle said...

wow. that looks familiar.

you know things are bad when your kid spits cherry pits all over the kitchen floor and you leave them there. for at least three days.

mfranti said...

i can so beat you in the dirtyness game. in fact, you house isn't dirty, just temporarily messy. that's different.

i don't like to be inside at all during the summer. know what that means?

yep! animal fur tumbleweeds, dirt clods and lots of dust (we live in a dry state, you try managing the dust)

ok. you've inspired me to take some pictures.

love you g. you're a great housekeeper.

Lessie said...

Oh my gosh. Thanks for posting these. Now I don't feel like such a complete loser about my house. My kitchen looks like that frequently. My living room and kid's room looks like that a lot of the time as well. I hope this doesn't come across wrong, it's just good to know that other people have messy houses sometimes too, ya know? Maybe I'll take some pictures as well. That way we can have our own little support group.

G said...

YAY!!! bad housekeeping support group... i LOVE it!!
(then we can make a magazine called BAD HOUSEKEEPING and that would just be awesome!)

johnr... heh heh, interesting, isnt' it? to a woman a messy house is a greater shame than exposed flesh.

fortunately, today, my house is much more under control... even my bathrooms (which is rare indeed.)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the pics. It seems that nearly everyone I know has a tidy house, except me.
I'm glad to know it really isn't just me: it's all of us bloggers :)
But aren't we having more fun?

djinn said...

You have pinkish granite countertops. And totally kick-ass (can I say that here) apple green color walls in the kid's (or is that kids' bedroom (I promise to read more in the future, you know, tomorrow....) All is forgiven.

djinn said...

Wow. Love your house.

Rebecca Reece said...

I love this sort of refreshing honesty, and I furthermore commit to begin naming my dust-bunnies, instead of denying their existence... ;o) Cheers, ~RR

G said...

thank you Rebecca :D I am still coming to terms with it. after all this time.